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We sincerely thank all who with so much dedication involved in helping to extinguish the fire in the brewery in Braniewo.

In particular, we would like to thank the Emergency Services and the Local Authorities. Thanks to the heroism of Firemen situation in the brewery was quickly brought under control and none of the employees was hurt. The fire was stopped before spreading to places that could disrupt production of beer. Beer from Braniewo will be available without any interruption.

In this difficult time we again have seen that the Browar Namysłów’s strength comes from the satisfaction of our consumers. We are very grateful for the words of encouragement and sympathy that we have received from you in the last days. They are great joy for us and  motivation for further action. We are committed to continue to provide you with a beer of high and consistent quality, brewed and bottled in Braniewo.

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